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Material Design provides css classes for large number of icons which can be easily integrated with any web application. We have prepared list of icons which you can simply copy paste into your website. Customization of these icons is also given so that you can easily modify look and feel of Material Design Icons.

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What is Material Design Icon?

Let us first understand what is Icon- Icons are basically used as symbols in Website/Application. Just think while travelling on road we see Symbols which provides us important information like - there is U turn, Left turn or Right turn. So all these symbols helps us while travelling. On the same way it is very important to get key information through symbols. The basic exam of icon is search icon on google search button which gives hint to user the purpose of button. In real life no body wants to read long text or waste timing in searching the navigation links or other important information so icons plays key role here. Few years ago people used images to show icons but now things has been changed. Lets see one more example to understand the use of images as icons suppose we have to add 20-30 icons on our website, in this case we need 30 images to show icons. So creating 20-30 images will consume the resource and time as well. To oversome this problem the concept of Material Designicons came into existence. Basically Material Designicons is library which contains all possible icons list.

To use Material Designicons you just need to include Material Designicons library then you have to use css classes. You can add any icons within seconds using this library. Instead of wasting your time you can adopt this library very easily, It is simple and easy to integrate. If you have basic idea about HTML, CSS you can use it easily. This library also provides you some basic customization such as changing icon size, icon color etc. Here on this page we have shown the icons which are common used almost in every application. You can directly copy the HTML code along with css and use the icon Make sure you have included the Material Design icon library. There are some other libraries available for icons but Material Design icon library is most popular and widely used by developers/designers.

Material Design Icons CDN URL | Link

You can include Material Design icons library simply using the below cdn url link.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" ">

Material Design Icons Example

After including library you are able to use Material Design icons. Here is an example to use an icon using Material Design library-

<span class="material-icons">face</span>

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