E Mail Emoji 📧

📧 Symbol Emoji meaning is "E Mail". Unicode of E Mail "📧" Emoji is 1f4e7 and HTML entity code is 📧. E Mail Emoji text copy paste work well with all platforms like - WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, Mail, Snapchat, Discord, Instagram, and other. This 📧 Emoji comes under the Objects (mail) category. The order of the E Mail emoji is "1128". Check more details of E Mail Emoji meaning by boy and girl, Unicode, and HTML Text Copy and Paste from below.

📧 The emoji depicts an e-mail symbol, representing electronic mail or digital communication. It can symbolize sending messages, online communication, or staying connected through technology. Related terms include email, communication, digital, technology, and online correspondence.
📧 For boys, this emoji may signify the convenience of digital communication, sending emails, or a reliance on technology for staying connected. It can also represent a sense of efficiency or the need for quick responses.
📧 For girls, this emoji can convey a similar meaning of valuing online communication and staying connected through technology. It may also symbolize the convenience of email or the importance of virtual connections.
Boy's Reply: "Drop me an e-mail, let's chat! 📧📱💻"
Girl's Reply: "Sending you an email right away! 📧📱💻"
📧 1. 📧📱💻: This combination suggests staying connected through digital devices and online communication. The e-mail symbol represents the message, while the smartphone and laptop symbolize the devices used for digital communication.

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E mail 📧 Emoji, Symbol HTML Icon Code Download

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Html Entity/Code


How to add E Mail Emoji Icon?

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E Mail Emoji Meaning Faq(s)?

⭐What is E Mail Symbol Emoji?

E Mail 📧 was accepted as part of Unicode 1.1.

⭐ What is the meaning of 📧 Emoji?

This emoji means E Mail.

⭐Can I copy-paste Symbol E Mail Emoji text?

Yes, you can copy-paste E Mail Emoji with a single click. You can share 📧 Emoji on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other platforms.

⭐ What is the Unicode of E Mail 📧 Emoji?

The emoji Unicode of E Mail is 1f4e7

⭐ What is the E Mail Emoji HMTL Code?

The HTML Code of the 📧 Emoji is 📧

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